Oscar Romero - The Movie


Admission is by donation, with proceeds going to support our Tierra Nueva Community in El Salvador.

JOIN US to view the film Oscar Romero which focuses on a short period of time during the Salvadoran Civil War, a  conflict between the military government and the Farabundo Marti National (National Libertion Front-FMLN). It started  with a coup in 1979 and lasted until1992.

The assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in 1980, while celebrating mass, was ignored by much of the world as such atrocities had become routine in many Central and South American countries. 

The movie follows Romero's career from the day he is selected as archbishop because he is considered a safe and moderate man who will not 'rock the boat' and follows his radicalization as he responds to a series of personal experiences which gradually transform his thinking and actions. In the film, his conversion into a critic of the government is seen almost entirely theologically as he takes his stands not because he is a leftist but because he is a Christian. Slowly, the film reveals him as a man of growing courage. Actual words from Romero’s recorded homilies, interviews, and speeches strengthen the power of this film.


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