The baptism of children and infants takes place at Crescent United several times a year during regular Sunday services. Whatever the age of the child, whatever the denomination of the parents, we at Crescent welcome the opportunity to receive children into our faith community and provide support for parents seeking to raise their children in a spiritual environment. In cases where there is not at least one parent who is a full member in good standing at Crescent United, the congregation will appoint a sponsor from the congregation to support your family. Because we understand baptism as the way people become part of the church community, once your child is parrt of this community we encourage your family to become active in the church.

We also welcome Adults and teens may also present themselves for baptism.

A baptism preparation meeting usually takes place at the church in the weeks prior to the Baptism.

Church Membership classes are held as needed or requested.

For more information, contact the church office.

No fees are required, but donations are welcome.

Here is a statement about what baptism means to us:

The United Church Statement on Baptism

"Baptism is a symbolic action that signifies the new life God gives us as we join the church community.

Baptism uses water as a symbolic cleansing that signifies the acceptance of new life within the church family. The sacrament of baptism is the single rite of initiation into the Christian community, the church.

The United Church offers baptism to all ages. We believe the gift of God's love doesn't depend on our ability to understand it, so we baptize people as infants right up through adulthood.

With children, instruction is given to parents or sponsors to equip them for the child's Christian nurture. During the ceremony, everyone in the congregation pledges support for the child and his or her parents.

Baptism is not a requirement for God's love. We believe people who die without baptism are in no way condemned, lost, or damned.

Baptism in the United Church is recognized by all denominations of the Christian church that practise infant baptism. Similarly, if people have already been baptized in another church, the United Church recognizes their baptism and welcomes them as Christians."