Crescent United can help your family with arrangements for a funeral or memorial service for your loved one. Memorial and Funeral services are conducted by the Minister on behalf of the congregation.

What's the difference between a funeral, a memorial service, and a "Celebration of Life"?

The only difference between a funeral and a memorial is that a funeral has either a casket or cremated remains present while a memorial service does not. The Christian funeral or memorial service is a time to remember the person who has died, commend them into God's eternal care, and to remember the "Good News" that-

"In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us. We are not alone."

A "Celebration of Life" is one part of the Christian funeral or memorial service; there is also space for people to express the grief they may feel, and which is a natural human response to loss. So, every funeral or memorial service at Crescent is a celebration of life - the life of the one who has died as well as the life we all share together in God's love and care for us.

What about a reception after the service?

Crescent United does not cater a reception but we do have a place where a reception can be held and we can suggest several caterers who can help you with refreshments.

 If you are interested in having a memorial or funeral service at Crescent United, please contact the office for more information.