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Healing Touch and  Reiki

When: 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 10 am to Noon

Where: Peninsula United Church Sanctuary …127th St. 

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Who: everyone, drop-in or on-going

Just curious? Drop in and check us out!

Healing comes in many forms, including Healing Touch and Reiki. These healing arts balance and strengthen the energy that is life through a system of hand positions and specific techniques.

People from both our church and the community come for healing of body, mind and spirit and then are released to God’s continuing care. Practitioners are mindful that they are not the healers, but instruments of God’s healing energy. The work is seen as complementary to conventional medicine, an expression of compassion and caring through healing and human connection.

Benefits, as expressed by participants, include:

  • stillness, calm, peace
  • solace in the midst of change, loss, and stressful circumstances 
  • relief from physical symptoms
  • relaxation that “takes you to a place you didn’t know existed”
  • empowerment
  • finding a new connection with God
  • sense of community & support

Practitioners have receive training from our church Reiki Master, Louise Bureau. Reiki training is delivered as authorized by the Reiki Alliance.