After several consultation events and gathering feedback, we updated the Vision & Goals of our ThirdSpace Ministry in 2019

Vision & Goals

ThirdSpace is a ministry of PENINSULA UNITED CHURCH, operated from a storefront building in the downtown area of White Rock.  Its vision and goals seek to be in keeping with the declared purpose of Peninsula United Church:  

To follow the way of Jesus,
opening ourselves to the Spirit and
making known God’s transforming love.  

VISION: ThirdSpace will nurture community connections and belonging, deepen spiritual practices, honour creation, and foster healing and reconciliation.  

GOAL/OUTCOME:  An expanded and enriched Peninsula United Church as more people become familiar with our faith community and experience a deeper sense of connection and belonging. Meaningful conversations and programs create safe spaces for people to build deep friendships across barriers that often isolate folks (age, gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)  

GOAL/OUTCOME: Peninsula United Church members deepen their sense of shared mission with community organizations and individuals from the wider community. New partnerships with community organizations will be initiated.

  1. Two or more collaborative projects with community organizations or other faith communities will be initiated annually. Existing partnerships are strengthened with new activities to serve our community i.    
  2. Two or more new events, programs or activities are added annually People inside and outside our faith community, who can offer programming in keeping with the Vision of ThirdSpace, are identified and supported.
  3. Two or more new program leaders will be recruited annually. Volunteers from the wider community are recruited to participate in our mission.
  4. Five to ten new volunteers are recruited annually 

GOAL/OUTCOME: Members of Peninsula United have opportunities to build relationships in which we can more naturally share our Christian faith stories outside the church.

Lives are opened to the Spirit and changed by God’s transforming love. Volunteers who participate in ThirdSpace receive training and discover joy in building new connections with the wider community Volunteers who to participate in events and programs find ways to share their faith journey that are natural, comfortable and authentic.    


  1. All activities will hold a safe space for vulnerable and marginalized people, and be as inclusive as possible.
  2. Community groups hosting gatherings (or renting space) will share at least one of the goals of ThirdSpace.    


ThirdSpace is accountable to the congregation of PUC (though the Church Council) and also to our supporters and community participants. ThirdSpace seeks to continually improve and enhance this ministry.

  1. The PUC congregation, our donors & supporters are kept informed through formal reports and informal sharing that promotes participation and awareness.
  2. In keeping with best practices, activities & programs are evaluated regularly to help with discernment of need and measure effectiveness.    

Examples of programming in keeping with desired values and goals:

Death Café – monthly hosted conversations on death and dying, which helps participants grow to be more comfortable with our mortality in a spiritual context

Drop-In Café –welcome space for all to experience hospitality and deep belonging

Sit and Stitch – knitting group & gathering for support and fellowship

Café Church –inclusive, intergenerational worship for families in casual setting.

Meditation –practice in a small group.

Conscious Connections – open group to help people manage emotions, improve relationships and better face life's challenges

Writers Groups – various offerings promote self-acceptance and community, while learning new skills of creative expression.

Healing Arts – from mindfulness to expressive arts, healing arts bring self-awareness and wholeness

Conversation Café – hosted conversation on topics of life, meaning, purpose, etc

Addictive Comedy – open mic opportunity for to overcome issues of self-esteem and build confidence

PFLAG – monthly gatherings of parents and allies to grow in understanding, acceptance and support of their LGBTQ2 children (at Sunnyside location)