United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. We minister to over 2 million people in about 3,000 congregations across the country. We have a rich history closely entwined with the development of Canada itself.
The United Church was inaugurated on June 10, 1925 in Toronto, Ontario, when the Methodist Church of Canada, the Congregational Union of Canada, and 70 per cent of the Presbyterian Church of Canada entered into an organic union. Also joining was the small General Council of Union Churches, centred largely in Western Canada. It was the first union of churches in the world to cross historical denominational lines and hence received international acclaim. Impetus for the union arose out of the concerns of serving the vast Canadian northwest and in the desire for better overseas mission. Each of the uniting churches had a long history prior to 1925. 

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Pacific Mountain Region

Pacific Mountain Region supports the congregations and ministries of The United Church of Canada in BC, Whitehorse and Banff.

The focus is on providing services that assist church personnel and maintaining good relationships between congregations and personnel. They provide staff, finances, advice, advocacy, and program resources to presbyteries and congregations to enhance their work.

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