Finance Committee

  • Manage gifts, offerings, and income for Peninsula United Church, including issuing tax receipts.
  • Develop and submit budget to Council and annual general meeting.
  • Maintain insurance for church properties.
  • Provide financial reports annually.
  • Administer designated funds and handle bequests.
  • Review financial data from Finance Administrator.

Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P)

  • Support pastoral charge staff and manage their relationships within the congregation.
  • Regularly review staff conditions, responsibilities, and compensation.
  • Make recommendations to the Council based on staff reviews.
  • Update staff position descriptions as necessary.
  • Conduct annual staff performance reviews.
  • Oversee staff's continuing education opportunities.
  • Coordinate with regional pastoral representative.

Stewardship Committee

  • Manage overall stewardship of Peninsul United Church (time, talents, money).
  • Educate congregation on church mission and funding needs.
  • Ensure congregation's commitment and participation in church mission.
  • Review and report on local and wider church fund balances.
  • Recommend annual plan for encouraging stewardship among congregation.