Congratulations on your engagement! You're embarking on a significant journey, and we're honored that you've chosen Peninsula United Church to be part of your special day.

Peninsula United Church embraces inclusivity and welcomes all couples, regardless of membership, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, to request marriage services. We ensure equitable treatment for every couple.

Our wedding services at Peninsula are rooted in Christian marriage, emphasizing self-giving, faithfulness, responsibility, justice, healing, and support for the couple and their community. We offer guidance and support to couples in planning and preparing for their Christian marriage ceremony.

In order to get married at Peninsula United you will need to:

  • Obtain a Wedding License
  • Complete a marriage preparation course or process as discussed with the minister. Marriage Works Canada is recognized by Crescent United and offers programmes in the Lower Mainland. Check out their website here.
  • Attend a minimum of two Sunday Worship Services prior to the wedding service in order to receive the support of the congregation. 

Seating Accommodation

Our sanctuary can comfortably seat 300 at Crescent site on 127th Street and 145 at Sunnyside site on 24th Avenue (inclusive of the wedding party). You can find more information about our space on our rentals page. 

Pick Your Date!

To reserve your wedding date and time at Peninsula United Church, please contact the office to schedule an appointment with the Minister. A $250.00 deposit is required during this appointment to secure the Sanctuary. This deposit is refundable if you cancel with at least two months' notice before the wedding.

Our policy stipulates that weddings are officiated by a Minister from Peninsula United Church or a licensed Wedding Host. Exceptions may be considered in consultation with the Minister and Worship Committee.

Legal Requirements

License: Before your wedding, you must obtain a Marriage License from the Provincial Government Department of Vital Statistics. You can obtain this license at their office in Vancouver or at London Drugs in Surrey. We need your marriage license at least 7 days before your wedding. Visit for more information.

Witnesses: The Marriage Act mandates two witnesses at the wedding, responsible for signing both the marriage registration form and certificate.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, contact the Minister.

Photos and Video

Couples can record their wedding service using non-distracting methods. You're welcome to take photos before and after the service, including during the bridal party's entrance and the register signing. If you need additional photographs or plan to have a video photographer, please coordinate with the minister beforehand. Flash photography is not allowed during the service, and photographers must avoid the central aisle and front area of the sanctuary, except during the processional. Videos should be filmed from a fixed position or tripod to minimize disruption.

Peninsula United Church offers live streaming and recording with installed video equipment. There's a fee for using this service, and availability depends on our tech operator. Interested parties can discuss this with the minister.


For music arrangements, if you'd like organ or piano music, inform the minister and contact our organist and Music Director, Lonnie Delisle. Extra preparation may require an increased fee, agreed upon with the organist. Guest organists need permission from the Music Director. For a preferred pianist, talk to the minister for arrangements. For additional musical elements like a soloist or instrumentalist, there may be an extra fee. The organist/pianist usually doesn't attend the wedding rehearsal. 

Hosts and Ushers

Wedding Host: We offer a wedding host to help with your rehearsal and wedding day, ensuring a smooth experience by managing the worship space and providing guidance and assistance.

Ushers: If you've arranged for ushers at your wedding, make sure they're at the church door 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Please avoid using confetti, rice, rose petals, bubbles, or similar items inside or near the church. 


You can use the Sanctuary's candelabra with eighteen 29 cm candles. For flowers, there are two stands that fit 6 or 8-inch pots at the front of the Church. You may decorate the worship space, but avoid damaging anything. Please respect our space by not removing banners, hymn books, candles, or other meaningful items. Avoid disturbing seasonal decorations. During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, our Flower Committee decorates the church elegantly. If your event aligns with these dates, please understand that decorations are set up early in the morning. Please refrain from using confetti, rice, or rose petals inside or outside the church. For any questions, speak with the wedding host for clarification.


For a beakdown of all the rates, please contact the Church Office. 

Finding a Church home is a very important part of building a marriage. We invite you to join the fellowship of Peninsula United Church. Our prayer is that God may richly bless you as you set forth to fulfill the special covenant made at your wedding

For more information, or to set up an appointment, contact the Minister.

May God bless you both!