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For Lent 2024, Peninsula United Church is making available a daily devotional guide from Barn Geese called Tending Joy.

This guide taps into Barn Geese’s 2024 theme for Lent: The Seed of Joy.

A joyful Lent is not a contradiction in terms!

Why reflect on joy during the quiet introspection of Lent instead of waiting for Easter?

Joy is right at home during a minor-key season like Lent.

Joy is a beacon that points us toward God’s unfailing presence, even in the heart of fear and pain. 

When we move beyond surface assumptions, something beautiful emerges, richer and more nuanced than sheer happiness.

The joy to which God calls us is not one-dimensional.

It’s complex and multifaceted, and it reveals itself in many experiences and contexts.

If joy was a garden, it would be a raucous congress of wildflowers and carefully cultivated varieties, native and naturalized species alike, a diverse array of colors and textures and smells and shapes that create a single experience together. 

Tending Joy offers a devotion for each day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Arranged around a weekly text from the lectionary, it guides users into the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

(The fasting commended by this devotional is not food-related.)

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