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We embarked on a period of organizational transformation some years ago, moving us to a new model for church leadership.  And now we continue the transformation by hiring for a new coordinating office position: Administrative Operations Manager.

This new role will take responsibility for organization and operations: communications, rentals, events, facilities, finance, and staff supervision.  As well, the Operations Manager will help Committees and Ministry Teams continue to work effectively by providing support they need.   

Introducing Sonia Sandhu

Sonia brings a variety of skills and experience to the new position of Operation Manager. 

She has worked in Administration, Public Relations, & Marketing during her career which spans over a decade. The skills she brings will enhance some of our communication methods.

One of Sonia’s areas of involvement will be participation in the monthly Strategic Leadership Council meetings. This new level of help will enable us to move forward with some projects that have been shelved because of constant changes during the last couple of years and we anticipate that Sonia and Joanne will accomplish a lot together with their joint gifts and talents. 

Please welcome Sonia to our Peninsula United Church family.