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Mason is an 11 year old with a passion for for the health of his community, and his world.Below is a transcript of Mason's talk on Sunday October 6th. 

Hi, my name is Mason and I believe that everyone deserves a future.  Did you grow up swimming in lakes or playing in the woods?  Walking along the beach without worrying about toxic algae blooms or overfishing?  Or did you go hiking without having to pick up other people’s garbage, because I’m not.  I’m growing up in a world where words like mass extinction, climate change, and eco anxiety are part of my daily life.  Where I have to organize beach cleanups and pick up garbage because every beach, trail and park I go to has garbage on the ground.   

This is an amazing quote from Sylvia Earle.  She is a well respected marine biologist, explorer, author and lecturer.  “Our past, our present and whatever remains of our future absolutely depends on what we do now.”  We’ve all heard the facts about ocean temperatures rising, coral reefs dying, and animals on the verge of extinction.  We know our earth is in trouble.  

We have to change our ways.  I have a challenge for you.  My challenge is to use your gifts.  If you can knit or sew, make reusable bags to give to others or teach someone how to sew.  There’s a global group called “Boomerang Bags” that does just that and anyone can join.  If you can garden, teach someone how to grow veggies so they don’t have to buy them.  Give away extra produce.  We all have skills and gifts.  Teach yours to someone else.

 Here’s a couple of practical ways to help the environment: 

  1. Demand change.  If you see something say something.  Write letters, talk with store managers.  Take notice of how much extra plastic and packaging there is in stores.
  2. Don’t buy produce wrapped in plastic.  Even better, try to buy whats locally grown and in season.
  3. Bring your reusable bags and refuse plastic bags.
  4. If you see garbage pick it up.  
  5. If you have room in your garden plant a tree.  Trees help absorb CO2 and clean the air we breathe.
  6. I’d like to finish a bible verse from Jeremiah 2:7

"I brought you into a fertile land to eat its fruit and rich produce. But you came and defiled my land and made my inheritance detestable.”  

 Let us thank God for this beautiful Earth and all that is in it and do our very best to be stewards of what he has given us.  Thank you.