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After Easter Sunday, Rev. Janice began a sabbatical leave that will continue through the end of July. The United Church of Canada stipulates that every pastoral charge provide a paid sabbatical of at least 3 months to members of the order of ministry who have completed at least five years of service in one call or appointment. Rev. Janice began her call at Crescent United Church in 2015, so it's time for a sabbatical!

Rooted in the biblical practice of the Sabbath day, a sabbatical is a time for renewal, reflection and rest. Janice’s sabbatical plan includes all three. She will combine her three month sabbatical leave with vacation time and will return on August 2. 

Nancy Painter has been hired half time to cover some of Janice's work, including some worship and pastoral care. Nancy is part-way through her training to become a Designated Lay Minister and appreciates the opportunity to put her learning into practice with the Peninsula community of faith. She first came here in December 2019 after St. Stephen’s United Church in East Delta closed.

In addition to those of Nancy and Scott, a variety of voices will be heard from the pulpit over the next few months.    

“Thank you PUC for this gift of time for rest, recreation and reflection. I’ll be back in the office on August 2, 2022. In the meantime, I know you will be well served by Rev. Scott Swanson and Nancy Painter.”  - Janice Young