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In response to the increasing spread of COVID 19, please continue to practice good flu season hygiene and please stay home if you have cold or flu symptoms.  For now, we will continue to worship on Sunday mornings at both sites of Peninsula United Church (Crescent and Third Space). We will continue to pass the peace but will refrain from hand-shakes and hugs. When we celebrate communion on Easter Sunday we will use individual cups for the grape juice. You could consider having more space between yourself and your neighbour in the pews or chairs.

If you are unable to attend worship because of illness or concerns about being in public spaces you can access the live-streamed worship service at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver by going to their website.

You may have heard the term ‘social distancing’ to describe the practice of keeping our distance from one another in order to reduce the transmission of the virus. Please remember that while ‘social distancing’ is a good health practice in light of COVID 19, we must stay emotionally and spiritually connected to one another. If you are ill or staying away from worship because of COVID 19 or other health concerns, please let Rev. Bruce, Rev. Janice, Kathy Matusiak or someone else in the congregation know. Let’s use the phone and email to stay connected. Let us know if you would like the prayer team to hold you in prayer. Let’s connect through prayer with the thousands of people around the world who are fighting for their lives, for those who are experiencing significant social and economic hardships because of the pandemic and for the medical staff who are caring for those who are ill.  

Avaaz, a global web movement, has invited their followers to make this pledge. May this be our pledge and prayer as well.    

"I pledge to meet the challenge of coronavirus with love. I will help slow the spread of the virus by washing my hands regularly and staying home when I get sick. I will bring love and support to those most vulnerable, near and far, and I will try to spread wisdom and unity, to bring humanity together at this moment."

A Pastoral Letter from Jay Olson, President and Treena Duncan,Executive Minister of Pacific Mountain Region was sent on March 11 following the conference with Premier John Horgan, Minister Dix and our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.  To view this letter click here.

Please click here for list of Peninsula United Church events that have been cancelled or postponed.