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On Dec. 23rd, 2022, at 8:45 pm a burst water pipe in the ceiling at the top of the stairwell at the 127 Street site of Peninsula United Church (PUC). A soggy mess on all three levels was the result. 

Here's a quick photo diary of the events between Dec. 23, 2022-Jan. 4, 2023.

December 23rd, 2022: Section of Broken Pipe

#1  Section of Broken Pipe

December 23rd, 2022: Ceiling collapsed in the stairwell

#2 Ceiling collapse in the stairwell

December 23rd, 2022: Water in the basement

#3 Water in the basement

December 23rd, 2022: Water falling from the ceiling in narthex

#4 Water falling from the ceiling in narthex

The Fire Department and hardworking volunteers began the cleanup. On-Side Restoration arrived on Christmas Day to begin the restoration process. 

December 25th, 2022: Fans on the office level

#5 Fans on the Office Level

December 25th, 2022: Fans in the basement

#6 Fans in the basement

December 29th, 2022: John Leighton bailing out the elevator shaft

#7 John Leighton bailing out the elevation shaft

January 4th, 2023: Removal of exterior drywall and waterlogged insulation begins

#8 Removal of exterior drywall and waterlogged insulation begins

We moved over to our 24th Ave site for worship on January 3rd, 2023. We're grateful to share the space with our friends from Southpoint Congregation and South Fraser Unitarian Congregation for as long as needed.  

#9 Jan 1st, 2023: Peninsula UC worshipping at the 24th Ave site at 1:00 pm
We received grace upon grace for Christmas. For me, grace took the form of many hours of volunteer labour from members of the congregation, particularly Teri Lydiard, John Leighton, Lee and Linda Chamberlain; the calm resourcefulness of Allan Baedak, our videographer; the upbeat flexibility of Lonnie Delisle, our music director; the kindness and cooperation of the Southpoint and South Fraser Unitarian congregations with whom we will share the building for as long as necessary; and your love and prayers as we adapt to yet another change. Join us on Sundays at 1:00 pm 15639 24th Avenue, Surrey.