The United Church Observer

This excellent publication of the United Church of Canada features award winning articles and provides an excellent forum to be aware of activities in pastoral charges across the country.

Founded in 1829, The United Church Observer is the oldest continuously published magazine in North America and the second oldest in the English speaking world and is known for its journalistic excellence. Its articles link, strengthen and encourages United Church familes across the country.  In 1986 The Observer became  independently incorporated. It sets its own editorial policies and is overseen by its own board of directors. Only seven percent of its funding comes from the United Church’s General Council, with the rest from individual subscriptions, newsstand purchases, the Friends of the Observer Fund and government grants. The Observer’s financial and legal independence permits the publication to comment freely on matters within and outseide the United Church of Canada.

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Mandate is a quarterly magazine for United Church congregational leaders, both lay and order of ministry. Mandate provides tools for use in all areas of congregational life, including spiritual growth and discipleship formation, justice and advocacy, worship, stewardship, outreach, and Mission and Service Fund awareness.

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