Welcome to Peninsula United Church!

Peninsula United Church is an inclusive community of faith where people can grow spiritually and share their gifts. Our purpose is to follow the way of Jesus, open ourselves to the Spirit and make known God’s transforming love.

We welcome you regardless of sexual orientation, cultural or gender identity, differing abilities, age or other differences. We are learning and working toward becoming a truly inclusive and affirming community of faith.

You belong.

Peninsula United Church was formed in 2017 when three congregations in South Surrey & White Rock (Crescent, First and Sunnyside United Churches) joined together to form one united congregation. We are learning and growing together and exploring how we can more effectively serve our community.

Our three sites in Crescent, White Rock and Sunnyside neighborhoods continue to give us a presence in each of these neighborhoods. Our White Rock site is currently being redeveloped as we build a new church building.

We value your presence above all else. Regardless of your age, background, abilities, interests, or who you love, you are welcome here. We are a community of ordinary people from diverse walks of life, embracing everyone as beloved by God and extending love to all.

We worship on Sundays at the Crescent site on 127th Street at 10am. Our church office is at our Sunnyside site on 24th Ave, where we also hold mid-week gatherings and meetings.

Our purpose is to create a welcoming space for diversity and foster a safe community, recognizing that God equips us with everything we need. We celebrate Jesus' teachings and strive to spread hope, love, peace, and justice in the world. Our mission…