In 2022, Peninsula United Church completed our Identity Document, a culmination of years of reflection and projects like TAMBO (“That All May Be One”) and Appreciative Inquiry. This document outlines our Purpose, Values, Aspiration, Affirming Statement, and Mission. It serves as a guide for our congregation's decision-making on important matters going forward.


We are called to follow the way of Jesus, open ourselves to the Spirit, and make known God’s transforming love.


Christian Faith, Service, Generosity, Respect, Community, Compassion, Humility, Reconciliation, Diversity, Belonging


We are called into Christian community to flourish in the light of Christ, where all are welcomed into a banquet of spiritual exploration and practices, meaningful relationships, a culture of diversity and belonging, advocacy for justice and, by the grace of God, into service, to heal brokenness in the world with courage, compassion and humility.

Affirming Statement

We affirm the inclusion and belonging of all peoples, regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ability, ethnicity or identity.


Christian Faith and Spiritual Growth

We desire to flourish in the light of Christ through inspirational worship, study and practices. Our mission is to grow in our faith through a variety of offerings that meet the needs of a diverse and changing community.

Service to Community and God’s World

We care deeply for our community and earthly home. We serve where we can with compassion and humility. Our mission is to seek justice and reconciliation, and work to heal brokenness in the world.

Connection and Belonging

We are a faithful Christian community valuing the diversity of our gifts, welcoming, including and affirming one another in all our uniqueness, knowing that each is a beloved child of God. Our mission is to be radical in our hospitality to all and a strong pastoral presence to one another through life’s journey.

Motto: Called to Care


At Peninsula United Church, we prioritize sustainability by giving back more than we consume.

Join us in living our Mission and Vision, whether at Sunday worship or during our weekly gatherings. Everyone is welcome!