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Invitation to practice Centering Prayer

Throughout August, Rev. Janice invites you to join her and others from the Centering Prayer group as we pray in silence in our own homes. Janice will be praying for 20 minutes each day at 7:30 am and again at 4:30 pm. For those who wake in the middle of the night, Don Galloway invites you to join him at 3:00 am. 

If 20 minutes is too long for you, try 5 minutes whenever you can.

For a one page introduction to Centering Prayer click on the link below.

You could also watch this 8 minute introduction video by Father Thomas Keating, one of those who reintroduced this ancient prayer practice to Christians in the 20th Century.

Here’s another good video by Cynthia Bourgeault which includes a 15 minute prayer time

You are welcome to join the Centering Prayer Zoom group on Tuesdays at 8 am for 10 minutes of Centering Prayer teaching and discussion followed by more casual conversation:

Click here to join our Centering Prayer Zoom Group


Call us by phone

  1. Call 778-907-2071
  2. Enter meeting ID:  869 3902 7236
  3. Then enter password shared in the weekly email.


A Reflection on Centering Prayer

“Because I was the reader for last week's service, I had the good fortune to be at the church and to hear Reverend Janice's message on Centering Prayer before it was made available online.  Being able to be at the church with even a few others was a joy, and as I drove home, I gave thought to the message of centering prayer.  Like many others, I get so "busy" in any given day that I rarely sit down and just BE with God, the purpose of centering prayer. Once I got home, I went to a place I could be alone and quiet, and I began to think about, among other things, what sacred word I could use to focus my thoughts. As I sat and tried to quiet my "monkey mind", suddenly the word "Welcome" burst through my thoughts like a sunbeam through clouds.  I realized the word "welcome" was perfect for me; in centering prayer, I am there to just Welcome God, to just listen. Later, I realized that Welcome is what God always says to us - we are ALWAYS welcomed by Him, at any time under any circumstances.  The next day, during my centering prayer time, a line by C. S. Lewis, from the play I have been directing, came to mind in a new way.  In the play, Lewis says "My idea of God; it constantly changes. He shatters it, time and time again. Still, I feel the world is crowded with Him. He is everywhere. Incognito. And His incognito - it's so hard to penetrate.  The real struggle is to keep trying. To come awake. Then stay awake." For me, centering prayer is a time to "keep trying" and to "come awake" a bit more each day to His presence in my life.”

Colleen Dean