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This is the month to renew (or begin) your subscription to the Broadview Magazine.  This year we have to ask you to do your own renewal and even (if you wish) to make an extra donation in honour of the one-year anniversary of this magazine which has been publishing for over 75 years (under different names).  Renewal can be done in a variety of ways but should be completed by July 15 in order to ensure continuity of the subscription.  

To take advantage of the church group subscription rate:  mail a cheque payable to Broadview for $25 to:             Broadview, 304-177 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 1N2

Include a note stating this is payment for a Boadview subscription with Congregation ID #11031181 (this is Peninsula United Church) and confirm name and mailing address.  It would be great if you could cut out the mailing label from the current issue and include it in the envelope as this has all the information needed.

If using the postal service is not an option, you may contact them on-line at and have your credit card information available.  Note:  this will be put through as an individual subscription at a slightly higher cost ($29.95 + taxes).

You may try to telephone 1-866-807-5515 or 1-800-936-4566 ext. 221.  Again this will be dealt with as an individual subscription at a slightly higher cost.   If you have any questions about making this renewal, please contact Sylvia Uhreen, 604-538-1383 or