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Dear Friends,

We are very sad to inform you that we must cancel our in-person worship due to significant water damage at the 127 St site.  

Last night, a fire alarm in the building alerted us to a serious problem.  Lee Chamberlain, Teri Lydiard and the Fire Department responded and discovered that the water line to the sprinklers in the roof burst at the top of the stairwell.  The Fire Department turned off the water main and surveyed the damage.  The ceiling in the hallway stairwell has collapsed, the basement is full of water and water is still leaking through the ceiling in the narthex.  Fortunately there does not appear to be much damage in the sanctuary itself.  A plumbing company was contacted to help us with this emergency situation.  However, the Fire Department has declared the building not fit for occupancy. 

There will need to be many conversations over the next few weeks to determine a plan for repairs and to make arrangements for worship and other congregational gatherings at another site, possibly at the 24th Ave location.  Currently, the icy conditions in the parking lot at the 24th Ave site make it unsafe and unsuitable for a Christmas Eve gathering. 

We are so disappointed that we cannot gather in person for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day worship, especially considering this next challenge facing our congregation.  In times of crisis we need to connect, support one another and be reminded of the source of our strength and hope. 

To that end, we have set up a Zoom gathering for this evening at 7:00 pm for a time to connect and celebrate that Christ is present in all circumstances.  Often, in the most difficult situations, when least expected, we discover anew that love and hope abound.  Music will provided by Lonnie, Hannes and friends.  And there will be a special Celtic music treat.  We hope you can join us. The Zoom link is being sent out to those on our email list.  It's possible that this Zoom service may be livestreamed as well,  Check our YouTube channel at 7 pm.

Click here to obtain PDFs of the carols.  

Please share this difficult news with others in the congregation and community and also share the good news that Christ is born again and again. 


In peace,

Janice and Scott