Christmas Letter from Tierra Nueva

The following letter was received by Peninsula United Church from Tierra Nueva, our sister community in El Salvador. It was written in November, received in December and translated by Cheryl  and Jean.

Hello brothers and sisters

A cordial greeting from Ana Luz, hoping this  finds you in good health and that God is watching over you.

I want to tell you that the bean crop has ripened.  We will pull them out in a few days and then the corn and the “little corn.”  So far, we haven’t sold the corn and beans; we will do so next month (December).  

We are always working with our pharmacy, and are not discouraged (“haven’t fainted yet”)!

At our celebration of our hard work of the land on Oct. 23 (the anniversary of the community arriving on the land), we met until 1:30 in the afternoon.  I neglected to take photos but it was very fine.  We decorated the meeting area with balloons.  We remembered the past years and gave thanks to God for all blessings.  

On the 5th of November, at our celebration of horse races, I took photos but they didn’t turn out, perhaps because the telephone is old…

We, the Committee Members, are meeting once a month with Jose Gomez (from FUNDAHMER) to be trained in beekeeping.  I am very interested in having an apiary.  I like the bees and am not afraid of them!

We received the cards that you sent us.  Many thanks for your words and the pictures (calendar photos of BC with  blessings/signatures from Peninsula UC).  They are very beautiful.  It makes us happy to have many friends at Peninsula United Church.  It’s a great pleasure to write to you and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  

We are waiting for your visit!   

From:  Ana Luz, Leticia, Margarita,Ana Maria