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As of March 31st the EWS is closed. 

A volunteer appreciation event (including dinner) will be held Monday, April 15 @ 6pm at the Star of the Sea Hall.

From November 1st to March 31st the EWS was open for 90 nights, with an average of 19 guests per night. In total there were 1639 guest visits, a significant increase over last year. Every guest is unique and has a special story and thanks to our 58 church and community volunteers, the EWS was able to offer genuine warmth and hospitality.
Special thanks to (Rev.) Joan McMurtry and Tom Weibe for their excellent excellent leadership.  We are also grateful to everyone who donated to the Shelter financially and materially --warm clothing and toiletries were always welcome; and to the UCW who generously provided  funds for a much needed microwave. 
Please continue to remember our guests in your prayers.