Good news! (Sept 17, 2021)

After a long search by a dedicated group we are  happy to announce that Mt. Olive Lutheran Church has generously offered to host the Extreme Weather Shelter this year.  Thanks be to God! It is anticipated the hours of the Shelter will be open 10 pm to 7 am.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, volunteers will not be present during the Shelter operation.  However volunteers will be welcome to help in other ways. More information to come.  Contact Kathy Booth ( for more info.

(Kathy- 604-535-0723; Cheryl- 604-538-7366)

Update (Oct 7, 2021)

We are now preparing for the upcoming homeless season in our community.
The new space we have is much smaller than last years, so we can only store very specific items.
Currently we are needing: Warm Weatherproof men’s winter coats, NEW: Men’s Boxer Underwear, Men’s Warm crew length Socks, and Weatherproof gloves.
To receive your donations I will be in Mount Olive Church parking lot, 2350 148th Street on Wednesday at 9:30 am. – 11:30 .(a Red Rogue).
If you prefer to give a financial donation, we can shop for you. Please make your cheque payable to Peninsula United Church with a note in the memo section for EWS.
Pat Young, EWS Clothing Dept.

For more information re: shelters, all non-profit social services/government agencies 24/7, call 211.