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Here’s your chance to take a course from Naramata without leaving your own home.

Valid to March 30, 2021

Our congregation has purchased an  “All Access Pass” - a new initiative from Naramata Centre in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   What does this mean for you?  It means that you have free access to over 40 on-line courses available between July 4th and December 31st, valued at between $110-$250 each.  The All Access Pass is your doorway to engage in opportunities for learning, growth and spiritual transformation while building an inclusive and welcoming space online. You can make this an intentional community experience with others from the congregation. Gather on-line and then follow up later to deepen the learning with those who participated in the same on-line course.

Click here for more information about the All Access Pass Programs (valid to March 30, 2021)

Click here check the Naramata website for upcoming Fall retreats. 

Plan to gather on-line with friends and register in the program of your choice - using the Peninsula UC All Access Pass. You will be given a password and connection information.

If you need the discount code or have questions, feel free to give Barbara Gregg a call – 604-649-4926.