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As we know, God's work is never done. Our ministries continue during the week, over months and years. It is immeasurable and powerful how it touches people even when we don't see them face to face.

As we begin to be the church in different ways, our staff and volunteers are actually busier than usual. Of course we will scale back expenses as much as we can but most of our expenses are constant. In fact, we anticipate our revenues will be reduced substantially as some of our reliable renters may have trouble paying their monthly rent.

So your gifts continue to be especially vital for our many ministries. We know that some of our supporters will also experience some financial hardship at this time but for those who are able, we deeply appreciate your continuing, faithful gifts at this time.

Please continue your offerings to Christ's mission. If you normally make your gifts on Sunday worship, please use another way to make your beautiful gift this week, this month, this year.

If you do not make your offering through pre-authorized remittances
(PAR)  please consider signing up for PAR using this form. Please print the form and mail to our Envelope Secretary, Val Austring. Her address, phone number and email address are in the Congregational Directory if you require assistance.
Another simple way to keep giving is to make out post dated monthly cheques and put them in the mail to us:
Peninsula United Church
15639 24th Ave.
Surrey, BC V4A 2J6 

If you prefer to make a gift online, please use the DONATE button on our website.

Thank you for your faithful generosity!