Spiritual life and interests of members of the Church is the responsibility of the Strategic Leadership Council (SLC). Council has oversite of matters such as: worship, Christian development, membership, community outreach, finances, and human resources. The Church Council carries out its work through Committees made up of members of the congregation. The life and work of these Committees are an important part of our response to God's call to worship and service. They represent great opportunities to deepen our faith and to find fellowship.

Every year at an annual meeting of members and adherents of the congregation elect or appoint representatives to the Council.

We are a registered charity with Revenue Canada.

Strategic Leadership Council

Elizabeth Winkler
  • SLC Chair
Jean Macdonald
  • Past Chair
Beth Henderson
  • SLC Secretary
Sharon Birney
  • Finance
Claudia Semaniuk
  • Ministry & Personnel Co-Chairs
Barbara Gregg
  • Ministry & Personnel Co-Chair
Val Austring
  • Member-at-Large
Michael Mysak
  • Member-at-Large
Lynn Onions
  • Member-at-Large
Jim Sheppard
  • Chair of Trustees
Trustee Liaison
  • Vacant
Pacific Mountain Region Representative
  • Vacant


Jim Sheppard
  • Chair of Trustees
Christina Wyllie
  • Trustee
Winnifred Kowalewich
  • Trustee
Barbara Gregg
  • Trustee

Ministry Team Convenors

Kathy Matusiak
  • Congregational Care
Kathy Booth
  • Justice & Service
Lee Chamberlain
  • Property Maintenance
Teri Lydiard
  • Property
Victoria Jones
  • Worship

Other Ministry Leaders

Liz Harvey
  • Clerk of the Roll
Sandra Horbachewsky
  • Communion Coordinator
Val Thorner
  • Flower Committee Coordinator
Val Austring
  • Offering Envelope Secretary
Winnie Kowalewich
  • United Church Women (UCW)