Shelter news, thanks and hopes for the future

We have a dedicated group searching for a location for this essential service on the Peninsula. 

The Temporary Shelter very kindly hosted by Peace Portal Alliance Church closed March 31st, 2021.

Generous donations of clothing, food, toiletries, funds and your prayers have been appreciated by the many guests who were welcomed each night to the Shelter by Options staff.  Thanks to the many volunteers including Donna Roy, Pat Young, Cheryl Lightlowlers, Pat Heslop, Kathy Booth and many others from Peace Portal and the community who assisted in a variety of ways.  We know our vulnerable neighbours continue to need a safe place of refuge even when the weather improves.  There is a vision for a 24/7 Shelter next fall where more services can be offered.   Currently White Rock Mayor Walker has initiated conversations about an “At Risk and Vulnerable Population Task Force” with Cheryl Lightowlers, Kathy Booth and other stakeholders on the Peninsula.  Your prayers, questions and offers of assistance are most welcome. 

(Kathy- 604-535-0723; Cheryl- 604-538-7366)


For more information re: shelters, all non-profit social services/government agencies 24/7, call 211.