Update December 21, 2021

Thank you for your donations so far.

Currently we are needing: NEW: (M&L) Men’s Boxer Underwear, warm Long Johns (M&L), Men’s Sweat-Pants, and Sweaters and t-shirts and weatherproof jackets.

Urgently Needed Now!
Weatherproof men’s gloves, and Weatherproof jackets
(you can often find these reasonably priced at your local thrift shop)

No women’s clothing needed at this time

 ***You are now able to take your donations to the Office of Peace Portal Alliance Church Monday-Friday, 9-4 pm! Or bring your donations to the Crescent site of Peninsula United on Sunday morning, or phone Pat Young for pick up.

Pat Young, EWS Clothing Co-ordinator.


Update (December 7, 2021)

As of Nov 30, 2021 the  Shelter has been open for 25 nights and provided 193 individuals experiencing homelessness a safe, warm refuge from the rain and cold.   We are grateful for the generous food, clothing and toiletry donations from the community including Peace Portal Alliance, Sources Food Bank, Hospice, Peninsula United Church members, and many others.  Please pray for those in need and for better solutions to end  homelessness. 


Good news! (Sept 17, 2021)

After a long search by a dedicated group we are  happy to announce that Mt. Olive Lutheran Church has generously offered to host the Extreme Weather Shelter this year.  Thanks be to God! It is anticipated the hours of the Shelter will be open 10 pm to 7 am.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, volunteers will not be present during the Shelter operation.  However volunteers will be welcome to help in other ways. More information to come.  Contact Kathy Booth (kathy.booth@hotmail.com) for more info.

(Kathy- 604-535-0723; Cheryl- 604-538-7366)

For more information re: shelters, all non-profit social services/government agencies 24/7, call 211.