Peace Portal Alliance Church has very generously offered to host the Shelter this year. 

Address:  15128 27B Ave

Open daily 8 pm to 7 am, November to end of March.

If you would like to help or have donations please contact:

Jon LeFave at [email protected] com 

Jon is a Pastor at Peace Portal and he is the Coordinator of the Shelter with Options for Community Service.

A great team of volunteers from Peninsula United, Peace Portal Alliance, Sources and the wider community are providing daily baking and sandwiches for guests of the Shelter. Others are organising donations.

We are grateful for all the clothing and toiletry donations which have been delivered to Peace Portal Alliance Church (152nd and King George Hwy)

The needs for the Shelter will vary throughout the season.

Shelter news and needs (updated January 6, 2021)

The Shelter at Peace Portal Alliance Church is full every night.  There have been 983 guest visits since Nov 13th. In this wet and dark time the Shelter is a place of rest and refuge. Thank you to those who have generously donated to the Shelter. The guests are very appreciative of everything they receive.

Ongoing Shelter needs:

  • Disposable masks- urgently required
  • Hand sanitizer- small and large bottles
  • Hand or foot warmers– dollar store
  • New warm men’s socks
  • Used or New Men’s:
    • warm, waterproof winter jackets
    • waterproof wind breakers
    • large sweat pants
    • sweat shirts and warm sweaters
    • belts/boots

Please donate to Peace Portal Alliance Church – 9:00 - 4:30 Mon- Fri

15128  27B Ave  (corner of King George Blvd and 152nd Ave). Go to office and push white button on side of door for receptionist.

Many thanks for your caring hearts.

For more info please contact Pat Young: 604-779-2365

Masks/sanitizer:  Kathy Booth (604) 535-0723

Baking for Shelter

Here’s a wonderful way for people to give nourishment and love to others in need. The Extreme Weather Shelter is accepting baking every night for the guests. Currently up to 20 folks are welcomed. This will be every day until March 30.

If you want to donate baking you will need to sign up for a specific date via a signup online site. You can register to get on the site by contacting [email protected].

Baking items are only accepted Monday thru Friday and not on the weekend, from 9:00 Am to 12:00 noon. Baking can be dropped off at the front office, and the receptionist will place it in the fridge.

The suggested amount is 2-3 dozen items packaged individually in zip lock bags for each guest. More might be needed for the Friday drop off as it has to go over the weekend. Muffins, cookies, squares or other healthy items would be welcome.

For more information re: shelters, all non-profit social services/government agencies 24/7, call 211.